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How to make a woman laugh and smile? Women are one of the most difficult beings to make laugh and smile. In this video I tried to make a grumpy woman smile at the sound of my piano. Can you identif...

A system in thermodynamic equilibrium must be stable. This means to say that small perturbations do not remove the system from its equilibrium.

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We describe an approach to model genetic regulatory networks at the level of promotion-inhibition circuitry through a class of stochastic spin models that includes spatial and temporal density fluctuations in a natural way.

Two versions of the threshold contact process–ordinary and conservative–are studied on a square lattice. In the first, particles are created on active sites, those having at least two nearest neighbor sites occupied, and are annihilated spontaneously.

Nonequilibrium phase transitions can be typified in a similar way to equilibrium systems, for instance, by the use of the order parameter.

Within the context of population dynamics, a variety of models has been proposed with the purpose of describing the mechanisms of competition between biological populations.

Liquid crystals are substances which exhibit thermodynamic phases intermediate between crystalline solid and ordinary liquid, called mesophases, which are distinct from both ordinary daniel valente dantas liquid and crystalline solid.

The equipartition of energy in its simplest form, which is related to the translational motion of the molecules of a gas, was announced independently by Waterston in 1845 and by Clausius in 1857.

Lé especialmentesbica qual assassinou filha por 2 anos de sua ex-amante e tentou assassinar seu filho por 10 anos deixou uma nota explicando que ela daniel dantas mercado livre ha...

We use a lattice gas model to describe the phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals. The phase diagram displays, in addition daniel dantas facebook to the isotropic phase, the two uniaxial nematics, the rod-like and discotic nematics, and the biaxial nematic.

A random variable that depends on a parameter t is called a random function or, check here if t stands for time, a stochastic variable. We consider here stochastic processes at discrete time and such that the stochastic variable is also discrete. Suppose that a stochastic variable x

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