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Eles crescem e a gente nunca percebe! Porém este importante é saber de que ESTES valores de que transmitimos estarãeste eternamente usando eles! #meusfilhosminhavida

We have seen that the equations of state are equations deduced from the fundamental relations by differentiation of the thermodynamic potential.

Luigi Menabrea enunció el “principio por elasticidad” y fue un precursor por la informática moderna

We describe an approach to model genetic regulatory networks at the level of promotion-inhibition circuitry through a class of stochastic spin models that includes spatial and temporal density fluctuations in a natural way.

La incorporación do tres nuevos magistrados facilita la actuación del Supremo ante un futuro juicio a Puigdemont

In this chapter we study the random sequential adsorption of atoms or molecules on a lattice. Whenever an atom is adsorbed on a site of the lattice, it prevents the neighboring sites to absorb atoms, which become blocked forever.

According to Langevin, a particle performing a random movement, which we call Brownian motion, is subject to two forces. One dissipative, which we assume to be proportional to its velocity, and another of random character due to the impact of the particle with the molecules of the medium. Considering the simple case of a one-dimensional motion alon...

When we are outdoors on a sunny day we feel the check here effects of heat on our skin even if the environment is at a low temperature. Likewise, when we are near the fire, we feel more heat on the surface of our body that is exposed to fire than on the opposite surface. These effects are caused by radiative heat transfer from the emitting source, the sun or...

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Tempos sombrios de modo a o conservadorismo texano: Júri decide contra pai enquanto ex-esposa está forçando este filho a se comportar contra seu sexo biológico

We study in this chapter the phase diagrams of multicomponent systems. The representation that provides the simplest diagrams is that composed only by thermodynamic fields.

Non-equilibrium systems website under temperature modulation are investigated in the read more light of the stochastic thermodynamics. We show that, for small amplitudes of the temperature oscillations, the heat flux behaves sinusoidally with time, a result that allows the definition of the complex heat capacity. The real part of the complex heat capacity is the dyn...

El humorista Xavi Daura debuta en la novela con 'Bravo', una sátira Derivado do la more info gran responsabilidad qual recae en un entrenador de élite

We analyze a stochastic lattice model describing the spreading of a disease among a community composed by susceptible, infected and removed individuals.

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